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Dog Sitting

I will treat each pet that I am watching as if they were my own, while still following the rules that you set as an owner! I will show them the love and respect that they deserve! 

Before dog sitting, I require a 15-20 minute video conference to get a basic understanding of what you and your dog(s) need. 


Overnight Stays:

I stay overnight for about 12 hours. During that time I will make sure the dogs are fed, pottied/walked, played, and well-rested. We will go over feeding instructions and any medications that need to be given. I will return your house/living space in the same condition that it was left in. There will be a travel fee, the price depends on the duration of the stay and distance. For more information please feel free to contact me. More details will also be located in the pet sitting contract. 

Day Visits

I will potty and spend time with your dog(s). Playing, training, cuddling, and giving your dog mental enrichment will be included in each visit. Feeding if wanted will be done as well. If there are multiple visits per day (without overnight stays) there will be a travel fee. The price depends on the duration of the stay and distance. I will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

There will be 1 payment of the travel fee for each 3 days of pet sitting

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