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I am an advocate for bodywork not just for the benefit of others but from my own personal experience of health issues. My life changed completely once I incorporated bodywork into my health regimen. CranioSacral Therapy has allowed me to live my life to the fullest. My chronic pain is now manageable and I want to share that relief with others.

Health is a priority to everyone. If you do not take care of your body it is difficult to fulfill your responsibilities as well as fully enjoy life. If you are in pain or even have that one spot that keeps getting hurt or sore, bodywork can help you. Living with less pain helps people follow their passions. My goal and passion as a practitioner is to help your body be in less pain.  

Your body does not want to be in pain. So I am here to guide you and your body to that relief. I will work at your body's pace in order to make a bigger and longer lasting effect. Part of that is slowly going to the root of the problem whether it be acute or chronic pain. This means starting from the outside and working our way in. To do this, I will be using multiple bodywork modalities to find the best protocol for you.

I perform CranioSacral Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage. CranioSacral Therapy works with the body's natural instinct to get better. It is where I evaluate and enhance the craniosacral system. In other words work on the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. Manual Lymph Drainage helps to get the lymph system flowing and functioning at full capacity. It works with decreasing inflammation, helping to promote movement of lymphatic fluid which carries waste away from the tissues.

I will perform the bodywork in a room at Avalon School of Massage. For clients that are referred, there is a possible option of doing it in the comforts of your own home. 


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