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Dog Walking

Currently unavailable 


I’ve been walking dogs for years. I love being able to help dogs stretch their legs and work their noses on the walk. I also follow the owners' walking rules. If we have had a lesson on loose leash walking, those training behaviors will be practiced on the walk. Such as leash walking, touch, look at me, and more. I also walk reactive dogs. These are dogs who bark, lunge or more. Whether your dog(s) reacts to people, noises, cars, bicycles, or anything else, I am happy to give them the chance to have a pleasant walk. If discussed, I can work on  walking behaviors and transfer that knowledge to owners in a private lesson. 

Before any walks occur, I require a 30 minute in-home meeting to determine what you, your family, and dog(s) need. It also helps to determine where the leashes are and any other walking tools. This meeting will cost $20, similar to a Meet N Greet.

** For walking reactive dogs there is an additional $2 for each price listed. 

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